Glasair Elevates to New Heights with its New Sportsman TC

Glasair Elevates to New Heights with its New Sportsman TC Upon arrival at Oshkosh, Glasair Aviation introduced the newest member of their composite piston aircraft family: the Sportsman TC, which merges the proven Sportsman high utility aircraft with a state-of-the-art turbo-normalized engine and advanced carbon-fiber materials. Advanced design and engineering changes, combined with the new […]

Smiley Creek Fly-In 2010

Sportsman owners Alan and Anne Negrin attended this year’s Smiley Creek Fly-In. Here’s some of Alan’s thoughts on the weekend. Smiley Creek, Idaho     (U87)         6/24-27/2010 Smiley Creek is not a back country air strip, but it is a very high altitude one at 7160 MSL. It is one of four the state of Idaho maintains […]

Americana Adventure – GlaStar Style

My first summer Annual Pilgrimage (VFR) from west of Houston (1XA7) to just north of Atlantic City, NJ (Miller Airpark, MJX) occurred on June 23-24th, 2010. It is the longest trip I’ve made in N1229W (1318 miles after diverting for some nasty thunderstorms) for a total flight time of 11.3 hrs and 4 stops…. 2 […]

Sportsman First Flight in Australia – Another Beauty!

First flight, 20/6/2010. Sportsman TD, VH-ZIF, IO 390, Hartzell 74 inch blended airfoil. Proud owner and test pilot, Ian Orrman ( Just imagine a grin from ear to ear! Friday 18/6/2010 – successfully completed C of A inspection allowing Phase 1 test flying. Saturday 19/6/2010 – Went for a 1 hour refresher flight in Sportsman […]