Home is where the hangar is…

Utah Valley’s Daily Herald recently published the following story about James Robinson and his Glasair III. After finishing up a quick lunch, James Robinson, of Spanish Fork, hands his plate across the kitchen counter to his wife, Mareen, then makes his way across the living room and out the front door to return to work […]

Steve Wood sets over 100 FAI records in his Glastar N600FY “Goofy”

Steve Wood is the first British aviator ever to set more than 100 FAI world records in any aviation category. Even more impressive, he set the records in his GlaStar. N600FY (“Goofy”) will go down in aviation history as being the first US registered homebuilt airplane ever to have set 100 FAI World records. Click […]

Roadable Sportsman Flies into Oshkosh Airventure

Trey Johnson, who recently completed his Sportsman in our Two Weeks to Taxi program, has successfully modified it into a roadable aircraft. As Trey says, “Fly above the traffic, drive through the weather.”  Check out planedriven.com for more information.