Christian Stüssi GlaStar HB-YNE First Flight

On October 27 2011, GlaStar HB-YNE  was launched on its maiden flight in Mollis, Switzerland. Captain Christian Stüssi was at the controls of his GlaStar after eleven years of construction.  

Jim Williams’ First Flight

In August VH JWI a two week to taxi built aircraft took to the skies in Western Australia. After flying off the 25 hours as mandated by CASA. We took VH JWI to the Pilbara region of Western Australia. A total flying time of ten hours at a TAS of 145 knots this is a […]

Student Built Glasair Sportsman Helps “Youths’ Ambitions Soar”

Check out this great article about the Annual Stockton Latino Conference, featuring a student-built Sportsman. To find out more about Lyn Freeman’s association that promotes aviation in schools, visit