8 years and 2 weeks!

We love to talk about our unique and amazing Two Weeks To Taxi (TWTT) program at Glasair Aviation in Arlington, WA, but there are many builders out there who love the journey of building at home from scratch, their very own aircraft, and taking their time making it perfect. We love these members of our […]

Work and Play!

  We have just delivered our 180th TWTT aircraft to an incredible couple Eric and Tracy. They are two of the most amazing people you will ever meet, and are our very own American heros. Each one is an F15 fighter pilot and instructor who has served many missions protecting and ensuring our way of […]

A street legal Airplane!

Our very own customer Trey Johnson had his Street Legal Sportsman highlighted in the AOPA magazine. I got to drive in it too, and had an amazing experience driving around town. You do get some rubber-necking, and a few followers just to take photos. Here is a copy of the story: Street-legal airplane: A test […]