The Sportsman on display in China

The Sportsman is one of the most versatile planes in the world. But who knew it could be table fare, too! That’s exactly what the Lonchang Group of Dongguan City has done by displaying a Glasair Sportsman in its 5 star restaurant. One of the most exciting things about China is seeing how their culture interprets […]

The Sportsman Diesel Flies!

On May 20, 2014, the very first factory-test Technify 2.0 liter diesel-powered Sportsman took to the air. Test pilot Ben Rauk noted that the engine started easily and is exceptionally smooth. This version of the engine is rated at 155 horsepower using a single-stage, exhaust-driven turbocharger. Full authority digital engine control (FADEC) allows the pilot […]

Flying IFR in the Sportsman

Some people don’t really care for IFR flying. For some reason, I happen to love it. Mostly, I like the challenge of managing an airplane and IFR procedures at the same time. An autopilot is nice, but I would rather fly without it and have it as a backup. That means an airplane that I […]

Glasair Congratulates the Winners of the 2014 Aviation Design Challenge/STEM Competition

Arlington, WA — Glasair Aviation is pleased to congratulate the Formula X team from Sunrise Mountain High School in Las Vegas, Nevada as winners of the second annual Aviation Design Challenge. The competition was organized by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) and Build A Plane, and is designed to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and […]

The Sportsman Diesel in Progress

If you ask an experienced aviation person, “What is simple and has to do with aviation?” you almost always get the same answer: “Nothing.” What sounds easy is often far more complicated than one might imagine. Take installing a diesel engine, for example. You would think that we might be able to just bolt the […]