Another completed TWTT Sportsman!

Another Two Weeks to Taxi Sportsman has returned from the paint shop. This beauty belongs to TWTT builder Ross Johnson. Call us to see how you can get your own Sportsman!

WA to WI: Flying the Diesel Sportsman to Oshkosh

When people think about Diesel engines for airplanes, often the focus is on the price and the economics. Depending upon where one lives and flies, these discussions may be very different. Price aside for a moment, though, what does one really get with a diesel? On our recent trip to Oshkosh, Ben Rauk and I […]

A Northern European Adventure

Sportsman owner Michael Kamber flew his plane across northern Europe and had the adventure of a lifetime with his Sportsman: I just returned from an amazing 19 days trip. It brought us to the most northern city of Europe – we crossed 70 degrees North – and also to the shortest airstrip in Finland (EFTO, […]