Dual AFS 5600 Units Meet Sportsman

Just in are these eye-catching photos of two Advanced Flight System units in the panel of Michael Hasz’s Glasair Sportsman The left side comprises the primary flight display (PFD) providing a broad array of information a pilot likes in one place, including airspeeds (IAS, TAS, ground speed, vertical speed), altitude, heading, and fuel quantity. It also […]

Factory –Installed BRS System Now an Option for Sportsman Aircraft

Glasair Aviation, in conjunction with BRS Aerospace, is making available whole-aircraft parachute recovery systems for upgrades on all models of Sportsman airplanes. Parachute recovery systems are the best last option for pilots caught in unrecoverable spins or disoriented in nighttime or IMC conditions without a clear sense of the horizon or where or how to […]

And the Results Are In …

Friday, July 1, proved a full and exciting day for this year’s Build-A-Plane team and the Dennis Willows family as work on Sportsman N653LG came to fast-paced conclusion in time for its FAA airworthiness inspection. All hands were busy with final cable adjustments, wrench turning, and placard placements. The result of their two weeks of effort? Well, […]

Build-A-Plane Challenge Winners Near Their Goal

It has been an busy two weeks for this year’s winners of the national GAMA/Build-A-Plane Challenge here in Arlington, Wash., at Glasair Aviation facilities. They’ve worked nearly every day since going hands-on June 20, and now they are less than two hours from their effort’s FAA inspection. How will they do? (Hint: These young plane builders are […]