Alperin Glasair Sportsman Receives Airworthiness Certification

Herewith is Scott Alperin’s last entry chronicling his experience building his Sportsman in two weeks. It was written November 1. We thank Scott here for sharing with readers a bit of the excitement, fun and camraderie that is part ‘n’ parcel of Glasair Aviation’s Two Weeks to Taxi program. It’s our intention that builders complete the […]

Scott Alperin’s Glasair Sportsman Prepares to Taxi

Again here’s more on Scott Alperin’s Sportsman build in his own words and photos: Day 10 Today was another rewarding and exciting day. There were wires, cables, lines, and people crowded in to the cabin most of the day. All of the wires pictured [on Day 9] will actually be below the floorboards and seats […]