Rhea Sherwood Knows a Vamp When She Flies One

Now the story goes that Rhea Sherwood’s recent Two Weeks to Taxi build might have been a little cursed. Nothing major mind you. No zombies sneaking in and around the Customer Assembly Center. Just a little poke here, a prick there, from the occasional pointy part or sharp tool. Band-Aid stuff. But enough people lost a spot […]

Dan Holtz, Glasair Assembly Tech, Headed to Africa

Having to say farewell to a valued employee is the occasional reality of business life. When the person leaves in pursuit of a life mission, it merits us standing back and making mention. Such is the case with Dan Holtz, who up until the week before last was an assembly tech in Glasair Aviation’s Customer Assembly Center […]

Scott Alperin and His Sportsman Journey Home

We were visited in Arlington on February 24 by Scott Alperin come to fly his handsome new Sportsman home to Cleveland, Ohio. He brought along friend Robert Metelko to assist with the flying. (Why not? Bob is a retired corporate pilot with 20,000 hours.) In his own words, here is Scott’s account of the trip. I completed construction of […]