We love to talk about our unique and amazing Two Weeks To Taxi (TWTT) program at Glasair Aviation in Arlington, WA, but there are many builders out there who love the journey of building at home from scratch, their very own aircraft, and taking their time making it perfect. We love these members of our family too. For the aviators, pilots, builders and dreamers, the idea of spending a small amount of time building your aircraft, and the rest flying is so appealing, that we created the TWTT program.


Our latest TWTT Sportsman owner is a fabulous guy from Oregon. Bryan wanted to experience building his own plane, however, life seemed to get in the way and he couldn’t spend the evenings and weekends away from his family, chores, and distractions. After spending 8 years building the tail in his garage, and countless Oshkosh trips to see the finished product, he realized that he didn’t have too many eight year blocks of time to finish his Sportsman. “I wanted to spend more time in the air…” I talked to Bryan at the AirVenture event in Oshkosh this year, and we committed to completing his Sportsman by the first part of 2014.


On Monday, we started his TWTT build and created a clear pathway to flying his sportsman. By Thanksgiving, he will be well on his way, and we will see him flying his very own, hand built, custom Sportsman in 2014.


We love the enthusiasm and excitement we feel as the team quickly moves forward with his build.


He is learning all the systems, and doesn’t have to read the manual 6 times, call a couple of friends to help understand what the task is, or wonder if he did it right. We are excited to see the final project soon.

  More info on the TWTT is available on the website glasairaviation.com