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Fish Lake Idaho

Fish Lake Idaho


Here is a link to a web album of pix I have created from five days of flying, camping, fantastic fun, food and friends in the back country and wilderness areas of central Idaho. This was the Back Country Safari and it was the second year I attended.

We had a base camp at Johnson Creek, Idaho near the small and remote town of Yellow Pine. Each day for three days, we would form groups of 3 to 5 airplanes and fly into other remote airstrips in the area. The first day I joined up with a group of airplanes and we flew through Hells Canyon on the Snake River. The second day we flew to Montana and the last day we flew some of he strips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

The weather was spectacular and the rest is documented in the pictures. I have set captions for most of the them, but don’t hesitate to email me and ask questions.

Ted and I sent the first night (9/18) at Fish Lake, Idaho. The next day we joined the group at Johnson Creek and then flew home on Wednesday of this week (9/23).

Last year there were 29 airplanes and 48 people. This year they broke it up into two groups. We had 13 planes and 19 people.

N2CQ Rogersburg, Idaho

N2CQ Rogersburg, Idaho

There were four 182’s with the Katmai conversion, Bigger engine and Big, Big Tires. There were five Huskies, my Sportsman, a 182 RG, a Cherokee Six and a Turbo Saratoga. You will notice that I was follwing the Cherokee Six into some pretty challenging and rough strips. Both Cherokee  and my Sportsman had wheel pants which did just fine, even on some of the rougher strips.

However, next year I will go up to at least 8.50’s.
I wrote a detailed article on last year’s trip and submitted to Marc to put in the newsletter. I will write another article about this year’s trip too.

Alan Negrin