Things Are Looking Up For Bob Zahradnik

After his bout with a severe stomach virus, Bob Zahradnik of Durango, Colo., is back in the Customer Assembly Center, nearing the end of his build. Numerous people recommended the Sportsman to Zahradnik, including TWTT builder, Doug Beery. He wanted something he could take hunting, fishing, and long range shooting, all of which require a […]

2017 Build-A-Plane Gets Underway with Day One

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] Day One and the work is already well underway for this year’s crew of Build-A-Plane builders. Struts have been deburred, brake fluid reservoirs installed, parts twisted this way, things screwed in that way. Everyone has a job and everyone is game. You’ll remember that Build-A-Plane is the big reward for the […]

N117SA Made Ready for Summer

How do you make a great-looking, awesome-flying Sportsman even more fun? Scott Alperin’s answer is to add a set of Clamar Technologies Inc. amphib floats for summer flights between Ohio and western New York (and wherever else his sense of adventure takes him). As answers to the question go, it’s a pretty good one. Scott […]

Alperin Glasair Sportsman Receives Airworthiness Certification

Herewith is Scott Alperin’s last entry chronicling his experience building his Sportsman in two weeks. It was written November 1. We thank Scott here for sharing with readers a bit of the excitement, fun and camraderie that is part ‘n’ parcel of Glasair Aviation’s Two Weeks to Taxi program. It’s our intention that builders complete the […]

Scott Alperin’s Glasair Sportsman Prepares to Taxi

Again here’s more on Scott Alperin’s Sportsman build in his own words and photos: Day 10 Today was another rewarding and exciting day. There were wires, cables, lines, and people crowded in to the cabin most of the day. All of the wires pictured [on Day 9] will actually be below the floorboards and seats […]

Alperin Build – Day 9

More in builder/owner Scott Alperin’s own words and photos: The theme for today is lines, cables, and wires. Now that all of the components are mostly on the plane it is time to connect them all so that they work. Starting from the front we were installing the fuel lines, oil lines, CHT and EGT […]

Scott Alperin’s TWTT Sportsman-Building Journey

Scott Alperin is the latest Sportsman builder/owner gracing the Customer Assembly Center (CAC) at Glasair Aviation headquarters here in Arlington, Washington. Scott has built up more than 4,900 hours in 30 years of flying piston, turbine and jet-prop engines and fixed-, retractable-, and float-landing gear in models of airplanes too numerous to list here. Suffice […]