Day 8 of the Alperin Sportsman Build

We continue here with the Scott Alperin’s latest installment chronicling the team’s efforts Tuesday, Day 8, assembling Scott’s Glasair Aviation Sportsman in the company’s Customer Assembly Center:

It is really hard to believe that in 3 more days the plane will be ready to taxi. We had a productive day. The areas that we concentrated on today were the folding-wing apparatus, the engine accessories, and wiring of many components. The wings can fold for storage if needed. Because of that fact,  there are special attachments to the main structure including fuel lines, control cables and wiring that are handled in a special fashion. Prior to folding the wings the flaps were installed. There are also some special removable supports that are used to support the wings in the folded position, and we adjusted all of those today. Concurrently, in the engine area the oil cooler, exhaust system, baffle completion, battery box, wiring for CHT and EGT, fabrication of many hoses were all being accomplished. In the cabin additional wiring for the avionics was started. One of the most difficult tasks I have accomplished was completing the ailerons and putting them onto the wing. There are many washers, spacers, bolts, wires, and almost no space to work in. I have ordered a special propeller from Germany that was supposed to be here by the first of October, but it is delayed. We will be installing a loaner propeller for the FAA examination until mine [arrives].

Day 8 photo 1