Glasair Aviation, in conjunction with BRS Aerospace, is making available whole-aircraft parachute recovery systems for upgrades on all models of Sportsman airplanes.

Parachute recovery systems are the best last option for pilots caught in unrecoverable spins or disoriented in nighttime or IMC conditions without a clear sense of the horizon or where or how to land. BRS Aerospace leads the industry with its aircraft ballistic recovery systems, which are credited with saving more than 350 lives.

The ballistic recovery system canopy shown during its BRS Aerospace testing phase.

The BRS system is available immediately on new Sportsman aircraft as a purchase upgrade and on previously built aircraft as a retrofit. It is not offered as a builder-installed upgrade at this time.

The BRS system weighs approximately 70 pounds installed behind Bulkhead A. As placed, the system does not reduce in-cabin storage by volume; exact numbers vary by the model and configuration of Sportsman, but the decrease in useful load is approximately 50 pounds. Pilots should determine their own weight and balance adjustments based on the characteristics of their airplanes.


Illustration showing placement of the BRS system within the airframe aft of Bulkhead A.

Illustration showing placement of the BRS system within the airframe aft of Bulkhead A.


Glasair offers the system for $33,950, which includes installation, deployment-compatible hatch, and pilot-activated in-cockpit release — and increased peace of mind, especially for pilots who fly with their families.

Buyers purchasing systems during AirVenture 2016 (July 25 – 31) receive a 10% show discount. You do not need to attend the show to qualify. Orders can be made at the show (booths 253-254) or by calling Glasair Aviation Customer Service at (360) 435-8533, Ext. 232.

To learn more about ballistic recovery systems, visit BRS Aerospace. To view ground tests of a whole-plane parachute launched from a Sportsman as designed, visit our Glasair Aviation Facebook page.