HID Wingtip Lights

HID Wingtip Light

Glasair Aviation is pleased to announce we have completed development and testing of an HID landing light installation in the GlaStar and Sportsman wingtips.  HID lighting produces a far superior beam of light on a fraction of the power required for standard filament or halogen bulbs. Click here for more information

Introductory Price: $995 (Regular Price: $1,295)  Part No: 930-07600-101

Seat Sliders
Seat Slider

The seat slider assemblies on 2010 Sportsman models have been improved with a single adjustment handle eliminating the two-handed knuckle-busting effort to adjust existing seat backs.  The good news for all prior owners is that they can be retrofitted to all GlaStar and Sportsman seat rails. Click here for more information

Price: $455  Part No: 802-01000-101

Sun Visors

Sun Visor

Give your eyes a break! Glasair now has fully adjustable sun visors available. The tinted lenses filter out over 99% of ultraviolet rays, and reduce glare and heat. The kit includes pilot and co-pilot visors and installs in seconds. Click here for more information

Price: $299 Part No: 930-03200-01