Budd Davisson

“The Glasair III is one of the very finest of the Hot Homebuilt breed. It’s an incredible combination of raw, brute performance and mild, well-developed manners. This airplane has set a standard for utility, performance and out-and-out fun which will be hard for any other design to match.”

CAFE Foundation

“The Glasair III is a fine airplane with excellent flying qualities. The Speeds and performance are outstanding. The builder who keeps his airplane light and simple is bound to be rewarded with excellent performance.”

Loop TV

“It (the glasair) is a sports car. This is a wonderful airplane. It handles lovely.”

Marco Sbragi

“After the wonderful experience of building, flying the GIII is one of the most exciting experiences a pilot can have.”

Mike Jones

“Choosing the Glasair III was an easy decision for me. I can comfortably fly to a business meeting on the opposite coast in less than a day; easily cruise at 290 mph (burning 12.6 gph); competitively race at Reno; and routinely pull +6/-4 g’s. Few aircraft can do some of this, only the Glasair does them all.”