Sportsman takes to the water in Florida

Sportsman builder, Everett Mellish, spent some time in Florida after displaying his aircraft, “Splash”, at the Sun-n-Fun airshow.

North Captiva Island, Florida.
The b!*$&@!*s wouldn’t allow me to land on their private airstrip…so Splash showed them how real planes park!
Lake Jackson…near Sebring, FL
Beer Can Island…Clearwater, FL…Inner Coastal Waterway.
Homosassa, Florida (Google Earth the place)
Splashed down amongst the gators, manatees, and water moccasins (I kid you  not!…though I haven’t actually seen any of the above mentioned quite yet)
Taveres Splash-in
Glasair was represented…
Splash is now back in Lakeland…tucked away till probably mid May…then up the Eastern Coast and on to Oshkosh!