“The best day of flying, in my entire flying career!”

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As one of our newest members of the TWTT program, Mark Van Tine, CEO of Jeppesen and VP with Boeing, could not get himself back on the ground he was so happy. “This is the best day of flying, in my entire flying career!” Mark said.

After experiencing the amazing team at Glasair Aviation building his Sportsman with the Build-a-Plane kids, three planes left on a flying adventure to AirVenture 2013, held at Oshkosh Wisconsin. The weather was perfect and everyone was giddy with excitement. Flying in formation was the Glasair demo plane (Referred to as Black Beauty), the GAMA sponsored Build-a-Plane (Capt. Princess piloted) N970ES, and Mark Van Tine’s N76VT.


They flew below the clouds, above the clouds, and into some of the best airfields on the way. The photographers were clicking away, and we couldn’t have had any more fun than this. Mark flew up close and prepared to break right in a climbing steep bank….The anticipation high as he arched up and over…it was amazing! Mark couldn’t stop smiling and talking about how much fun he was having flying the Sportsman, and how this was everything he loved about flying.

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We at Glasair Aviation are sure that Mark is going to continue to have the best day of his flying career, every time he flies off his grass strip out over the mountains and valleys at his home town.

Thank you Mark.

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Mark flew off to visit the Canby HS kids who helped build the two Build-a-Plane Sportsman, and took them on a flight around the neighborhood. He then arrived at Oshkosh, and we couldn’t get him away from climbing into his Sportsman every chance he had at the Air Show.
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