A Word from Nigel Mott, Glasair Aviation President

Recently during Sun ‘n Fun, we were asked by General Aviation News about Glasair’s long-range plans given our recent success certifying our Merlin LSA. We took the opportunity to suggest our long-range plans for our Experimental-class Sportsman aircraft. Understandably, news that the popular Sportsman might, too, become certified in time raised concern among our loyal customers and fans. Herewith is Glasair Aviation President Nigel Mott’s response recently published on the Glasair Aircraft Owners Association forum.

To: Our Glasair aircraft customers, past, present and future

By now you may have read or heard about the article that appeared last week in Sun ‘n Fun’s Today daily magazine by General Aviation News reporter Tom Snow. Tom shared word that Glasair Aviation has begun the process of certifying its Sportsman airplane with an eye toward non-Experimental production.

We understand that this news may raise concerns among our past and current Sportsman owners, both kit and Two Weeks to Taxi. We wish to put your minds at ease. It’s still early days in a very long, very detailed process. All we’ve done to date is notify the FAA of our intentions.

We envision a slow, controlled transition from Experimental to certified Sportsman production with no surprises along the way, especially for you our valued customers, which is why we’ve made our intentions known now, even though we yet have no schedule in place, no deadline firm in mind.

Even so, once we begin producing certified aircraft, we will still maintain the parts, expertise and commitment to support all our current product lines in a responsible and responsive fashion.

It is true that the only constant in business is change. In these fast-paced times, we’re simply taking another approach that promises to keep Glasair Aviation healthy and growing through the years to come while providing a broader general aviation audience truly great aircraft.

It’s a journey we’re on, and we greatly appreciate you coming along. Thank you.


Nigel Mott

President, Glasair Aviation USA, LLC