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We have just delivered our 180th TWTT aircraft to an incredible couple Eric and Tracy. They are two of the most amazing people you will ever meet, and are our very own American heros. Each one is an F15 fighter pilot and instructor who has served many missions protecting and ensuring our way of life here in the USA. They have flown some of the most sophisticated and exciting aircraft ever built, and after saving for over 10 years, they decided to build a Glasair Sportsman as their own personal plane.

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 We are already missing them at the factory, and wish them an awesome time with their new Sportsman. Their story of the build can be best told in their blog “Eric and Tracy’s adventure“, and we are proud to have them as part of the Glasair family. The attention to detail, and their desire to make it right the first time was so refreshing. 

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They spent time telling us wonderful stories, and left us some wonderful memories, and even a rare flag carried in their aircraft for special reasons….Thank You!


Experiencing the Glasair Smile!

We had the opportunity to fly with them in formation during the photo shoot, wow, what fun to see them up close!

 On their adventure trip back home, everyone loved the plane…”In Logan, UT an old-timer offered us a ‘package deal’ trade for our Sportsman: his Cherokee 180, Cessna 150, Dodge pickup and 2 Golden Retrievers.  We didn’t take.”


“In Denver, a couple of Gulfstream G5 pilots rolled over and said: “Now THERE’s an airplane!”  They offered us a trade for “their” G5.  We didn’t take.”1

“At three separate locations, Ground and Tower controllers have started radio chatter with us to ask us about our sweet little Sportsman.  Life is good.”

Thank you again for a wonderful time at our Two Weeks To Taxi build, and may your Play be as good or better than your Work!

More info on the TWTT is available on the website glasairaviation.com