A look back at the February build

After day 3 of Kris Sassani’s build, impressive progress has been made. The engine is mounted, the doors are on, and the gear legs attached. Kris will be using his Sportsman for his annual journey from Florida to Alaska and back.  

Father and son Sportsman Build

As week 2 of the build progresses, parts begin to take the shape of an airplane. Father and son builders Fred and Freddie Wayne have smiles on their faces. Soon they will land their new Sportsman on the lake outside their home in Orlando, Florida. Fred says he was looking for an amphibious aircraft with […]

Things Are Looking Up For Bob Zahradnik

After his bout with a severe stomach virus, Bob Zahradnik of Durango, Colo., is back in the Customer Assembly Center, nearing the end of his build. Numerous people recommended the Sportsman to Zahradnik, including TWTT builder, Doug Beery. He wanted something he could take hunting, fishing, and long range shooting, all of which require a […]

Build-A-Plane: Days Two and Three

Work continues apace in the Customer Assembly Center (CAC) hangar with the Baur father–and-son team and Olney High School students making good time on all sections of the Sportsman airplane underway. Which stands to reason given the extra help they’ve received from sponsors of GAMA’s Aviation Design Challenge who have dropped by to lend assistance. […]

2017 Build-A-Plane Gets Underway with Day One

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] Day One and the work is already well underway for this year’s crew of Build-A-Plane builders. Struts have been deburred, brake fluid reservoirs installed, parts twisted this way, things screwed in that way. Everyone has a job and everyone is game. You’ll remember that Build-A-Plane is the big reward for the […]

N117SA Made Ready for Summer

How do you make a great-looking, awesome-flying Sportsman even more fun? Scott Alperin’s answer is to add a set of Clamar Technologies Inc. amphib floats for summer flights between Ohio and western New York (and wherever else his sense of adventure takes him). As answers to the question go, it’s a pretty good one. Scott […]

In Case You Think You Can’t Do It Yourself …

We like this article that recently published at NEWS-PRESS.com about a couple of Florida experimental aircraft builders who have proved to themselves that they … and most anyone with patience and focus … could indeed build the airplanes of their dreams. We think you’ll enjoy it too: Click here to read the story!

A Word from Nigel Mott, Glasair Aviation President

Recently during Sun ‘n Fun, we were asked by General Aviation News about Glasair’s long-range plans given our recent success certifying our Merlin LSA. We took the opportunity to suggest our long-range plans for our Experimental-class Sportsman aircraft. Understandably, news that the popular Sportsman might, too, become certified in time raised concern among our loyal customers […]

Rhea Sherwood Knows a Vamp When She Flies One

Now the story goes that Rhea Sherwood’s recent Two Weeks to Taxi build might have been a little cursed. Nothing major mind you. No zombies sneaking in and around the Customer Assembly Center. Just a little poke here, a prick there, from the occasional pointy part or sharp tool. Band-Aid stuff. But enough people lost a spot […]