Sportsman Diesel Flies Across Pages of Flight Training Magazine

Diesel Sportsman in the air above Spokane, Washington. Photo by Mike Fizer.
Sportsman Diesel in the air above Spokane, Washington. Photo by Mike Fizer.

We were pleasantly surprised to find our Sportsman Diesel flying across two pages of Flight Training magazine’s March 2016 issue. Flight Training is an AOPA publication, of course. The photograph is one of a collection shot by Mike Fizer for a feature on the airplane that ran in the December 2014 issue of AOPA PILOT.

The location was the sky above Spokane, Washington,  near Felts Field wherethe airplane and AOPA Editor in Chief Thomas B. Haines were gathered for … you guessed it … an AOPA fly-in. (Do you see a theme going on here?)

As its name suggests, this version of our popular four-seater runs on both diesel and jet fuel, a real plus if you fly in a part of the world where avgas is both rare and expensive. You probably know the vital stats by heart, but good news does indeed bear repeating: 1,000 lbs. useful load; 1,100 nm range; and 120 knots cruise speed. (All that at 65% power.) Configure it with three wheels or just two up front, or for real fun, exchange the wheels for a pair of floats or skis.

To read Tom’s full story and view a video of “the Diesel” in action, go to AOPA’s archived article.

To enjoy Mike’s stunning aircraft photography … he has a talent for combining wonderful airplanes with incredible scenery … head to his Breezeway Studio website. To download the photo you see here, go to



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