Father and son Sportsman Build

As week 2 of the build progresses, parts begin to take the shape of an airplane. Father and son builders Fred and Freddie Wayne have smiles on their faces. Soon they will land their new Sportsman on the lake outside their home in Orlando, Florida. Fred says he was looking for an amphibious aircraft with folding wings so he can store it in their boathouse.

I pulled them away from their projects for a moment to ask them a few questions.

What aspect of the build has stood out to you the most?

“I am impressed with the crews professionalism and attention to detail” –Freddie

What has been the most fun so far?

“Having my son take over the riveting!” –Fred


“It’s really cool getting your hands on all parts of the build, whether it’s the tail, the wings, avionics, or mounting the engine.” – Freddie