GAMA / Build A Plane Aviation Design Contest Build: Day 12 – Inspection and First Flight!

Yesterday or taxi aspirations were realized, but we still had two important events left on the agenda before we would be ready to call this build complete. The first of the two was the airworthiness inspection. We had a designee of the FAA come to the factory to determine that the aircraft is truly readly to fly. We have already done our own inspection, but the DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative) is required to do his own independent inspection before issuing the plane its airworthiness certificate.

The DAR, Steve Knopp, asks Nathan about the building process
Steve declares the aircraft airworthy and hands the airworthiness certificate over to Abri

The last thing the Glasair technicians had planned was a bit of a surprise. They were able to make advance preparations to actually fly the plane the same day as it received its airworthiness certificate! This was a first for the Two Weeks to Taxi Program: from beginning to flight in less than 12 days!

The airplane goes up on scales to get it’s weight and balance before flight
Ben gives an explanation of the first flight procedures
After two weeks of hard work, the plane is airborne!

The taxi may be the capstone to the customer experience side of the Two Weeks to Taxi program, but really it is just the beginning of the next phase for the aircraft’s voyage to delivery.  Next for the airplane will be a total of 4o hours of flight testing and engine break-in, fine tuning of the entire airplane, dissassembly for paint, and then reassembling the aircraft after it’s been painted.

A truly excellent team
It was a pleasure to have these students with us, they all have bright futures ahead!


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