Glasair II and III Product Line Assets Sold to Advanced Aero Components

Arlington, WA, October 14, 2017:

We are pleased to announce that Glasair Aviation USA, LLC has sold the Glasair II and III product line assets to Advanced Aero Components (“AAC”). Ian Baker, AAC CEO, has big plans for the aircraft. “AAC is going to rejuvenate the product line – new kits will be available in an

infused carbon fiber version creating a much lighter, stronger airframe while reducing build times. In addition, existing AAC modifications will be incorporated into the kits.” The Glasair II and III will be rebranded as the G2 and G3 sport aircraft under the AAC banner and AAC will provide customer support for existing Glasair II and III builders. Support  will include a web store for

parts. We look forward to assisting Ian and his team  with the

transition. Please see for more information and updates regarding the transition.

Nigel Mott, President of Glasair, also sees the sale as a very positive move. “The sale of the Glasair II & III assets allows us to focus on the Part 23 certification of the Sportsman 2+2, production ramp-up  of the Merlin LSA, and support for existing Sportsman and Glastar owners.”

Press Release