Great Alaska Aviation Gathering 2015

Last week we sent Ted Setzer to Alaska in his highly modified Sportsman to represent Glasair at the 2015 Great Alaska Aviation Gathering and the Valdez Fly-In. If you know Ted, you know he built his Sportsman exactly for this purpose — extreme back-country flying. Read his account of the trip below: 

“Landed for lunch in Smithers. VERY TURBULENT ride here from Prince George. Landed in direct crosswind gusting 29 kts. Wasn’t pretty but we’re down and happy to sit for a while.”
White Horse, Yukon Territory. “Even though the sun is out, it is COLD. Had to sneak through some snow showers to get here, but over all it was a nice flight. Tailwinds most of the way. That’s a big thing for BIG tire airplanes!”
Alan Negrin flying N2CQ.
“The flight from Whitehorse Yukon to Anchorage was spectacular. It was a little under 4 hours. This was a glacier we passed just before reaching Palmer, AK.”
“From Whitehorse we flew west to Burwash then intercepted the White River. Followed the White River and climbed up the Russell Glacier to a narrow pass with Mount Baldwin to our left and another that looked like a replica of the Matterhorn!”
“All the lakes in British Columbia were mostly thawed, but in the Yukon and Alaska they are still frozen. The rivers have all thawed and are free.”
Ted’s airplane on display at The Great Alaska Aviation Gathering this weekend. Photo Credit: Dale Harlan.

Stay tuned for more updates from Alaska, including the Valdez Fly-In this weekend!



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