A look back at the February build

After day 3 of Kris Sassani’s build, impressive progress has been made. The engine is mounted, the doors are on, and the gear legs attached. Kris will be using his Sportsman for his annual journey from Florida to Alaska and back.  

Things Are Looking Up For Bob Zahradnik

After his bout with a severe stomach virus, Bob Zahradnik of Durango, Colo., is back in the Customer Assembly Center, nearing the end of his build. Numerous people recommended the Sportsman to Zahradnik, including TWTT builder, Doug Beery. He wanted something he could take hunting, fishing, and long range shooting, all of which require a […]

Scott Alperin’s Glasair Sportsman Prepares to Taxi

Again here’s more on Scott Alperin’s Sportsman build in his own words and photos: Day 10 Today was another rewarding and exciting day. There were wires, cables, lines, and people crowded in to the cabin most of the day. All of the wires pictured [on Day 9] will actually be below the floorboards and seats […]

Alperin Build – Day 9

More in builder/owner Scott Alperin’s own words and photos: The theme for today is lines, cables, and wires. Now that all of the components are mostly on the plane it is time to connect them all so that they work. Starting from the front we were installing the fuel lines, oil lines, CHT and EGT […]

Scott Alperin’s TWTT Sportsman-Building Journey

Scott Alperin is the latest Sportsman builder/owner gracing the Customer Assembly Center (CAC) at Glasair Aviation headquarters here in Arlington, Washington. Scott has built up more than 4,900 hours in 30 years of flying piston, turbine and jet-prop engines and fixed-, retractable-, and float-landing gear in models of airplanes too numerous to list here. Suffice […]

And the Results Are In …

Friday, July 1, proved a full and exciting day for this year’s Build-A-Plane team and the Dennis Willows family as work on Sportsman N653LG came to fast-paced conclusion in time for its FAA airworthiness inspection. All hands were busy with final cable adjustments, wrench turning, and placard placements. The result of their two weeks of effort? Well, […]

And the winners are …

We look forward to summer every year. Clear skies, long days, and, of course, the arrival of the year’s Build A Plane Aviation Design Challenge winners. If you’re new to our blog, Build A Plane is sponsored by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) and a slew of industry leaders with the aim of promoting […]

Mike Dowler’s TWTT Sportsman Flies Home

Two Weeks to Taxi builder Mike Dowler recently picked up his Sportsman and flew it home to California. Below he remarks on the build process and overall experience with the TWTT program. For me one of the more memorable things in the build process was to have Connie come up for a weekend and help out […]

First Diesel Sportsman TWTT completed

Last week Martin Pedersen completed his TWTT Sportsman — the first Diesel Sportsman to be built in the two-week program. The build went smoothly  and Martin was able to rev up his CD-155 diesel engine and taxi his Sportsman.