The introduction of the Glasair in 1980 was a revolution as the first pre-molded composite kitplane. Since then, there are over 2500 kits being built, and over 1200 kits flying in many countries all over the world. Between 1980 and 1995, the Glasair series I, II, and III underwent many updates and improvements. While the Glasair series has since been sold to Advanced Aero Components in 2017, The Company continues to lead the industry in Experimental Amateur-Built Aircraft.

In 1997 Glasair unveiled the GlaStar, a new model offering a more versatile, high-wing design with broad mission capabilities. Continued engineering and the desire to seat four occupants caused the evolution to the Sportsman. A close cousin to the GlaStar, the Sportsman offers the same versatility of its predecessor, and more. This airplane delivers speed and range for cross country journeys, plus rugged construction for off-airport operations. The Sportsman offers the most adventurous flying experience in Glasair history.

Glasair’s popular Two Weeks to Taxi program was introduced in 2006, creating GA’s most popular aircraft builder-assist program. In only two weeks, builders construct an airworthy Sportsman aircraft with the assistance of the Company’s capable professionals. Builders enjoy an intimate familiarity with their new airplane that would be rivaled only by assembling the kit, beginning to end. Glasair’s knowledgeable staff and efficient Customer Assembly Center (CAC) allow builders to complete their Sportsman in a fraction of the time it would take to build from a kit.    

In 2012, Glasair Aviation was acquired by the Jilin Hanxing Group co. Ltd., of China. The Jilin Hanxing Group is a multinational, multi-industry conglomerate with ambitious goals in General Aviation. Glasair plays a central role in those plans as a design and development resource for a global market. The company has already embarked on a certification project for the Sportsman that will open new distribution opportunities for the popular aircraft, both domestically and worldwide.

Glasair remains committed to the legacy of offering innovative aircraft that a wide variety of pilots can enjoy. Glasair Aviation is devoted to aircraft performance, quality, and value and will continue to offer products that promise leading-edge design for decades to come.



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