Covid-19 Pause

Friends, When I accepted the position of President and CEO of Glasair Aviation in late May of 2019, the potential of the company looked positive indeed. At that time Glasair’s foundation included sound financial backing from its parent company, the Jilin Hanxing Group, and an aircraft that was not just competitive, but unique in its […]

Glasair | 2020

Those relatively new to aviation may only know Glasair for the company’s current aircraft, the Sportsman 2+2, perhaps the most versatile general aviation airplane available today. But those who have been following aviation longer know that Glasair began changing the GA landscape back in 1979. With innovative composite airframe technology that gave birth to the […]

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings

Pilots know that an aircraft’s paint job has almost nothing to do with how it flies — that’s the objective, fact-based side of our brain at work. Really though, an attractive and well-executed paint job has everything to do with how we, and others, perceive an aircraft. Simply put, paint is important. Very important. And […]