Two Weeks To Taxi

Take a two week vacation, attend our Customer Assembly Center (“CAC”) and completely assemble your Sportsman in a highly educational and recreational setting. More importantly, at the CAC, you will learn about the various systems and components in your aircraft, giving you an unprecedented understanding of, and confidence in your Sportsman. By the end of your vacation, turn on the master switch; fire up your new Lycoming, Superior, or Continental CD-155 Diesel engine; marvel at the intuitive, state of the art avionics; and then proudly taxi to perform a run-up. What an amazing accomplishment considering a mere 14 days have passed from when you first laid eyes on the components of your Sportsman!

Complete 51% in Two Weeks.

Learn more about the Two Weeks to Taxi program. Download these brochures for more information.

Two Weeks To Taxi Brochure



Choose your Engine

The Sportsman is available with five different engine options from Lycoming, Superior and now the Continental CD-155 diesel.

Choose your Landing Gear

The Sportsman can be built as a tricycle, taildragger or floatplane. Get all three and change between configurations take only a few hours.

Choose your Avionics

Whether you’re flying VFR or IFR, choose from the latest technologies available, including the Dynon Skyview Touch and the Garmin G3X Touch.


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