Continental CD-155

Max Level Speed, 9000 ft165 mph / 143 kts
Cruise Speed (TAS) 
75% Power at 8,000 ft152 mph / 132 kts
65% Power at 8,000 ft140 mph / 122 kts
Stall Speed (Max Gross) 
No Flaps (Vs)58 mph / 51 kts
Full Flaps (Vso)48 mph / 42 kts
Rate of Climb 
Solo900 fpm
65% power8.6 hrs
75% power6.4 hrs
Fuel Consumption (65% Power)5.2 gph
Service Ceiling (Estimated)24,000 ft


Carbon Fiber

Fuselage Length 
Rigged For Flight23 ft
Wings Folded24 ft. 8 in
Wing Span 
Rigged For Flight35 ft
Wings Folded and Tail Removed8.5 ft
Other Wing Data 
Area131 Sq. ft.
Aspect Ratio9.1
Wing Loading (Max. Gross)17.5 lbs. per Sq. ft.
Structural Limit Loads (Max. Gross)+3.8 / -1.5Gs
Maximum Height 
Tricycle (On Gear)9 ft. 4 in.
Tricycle (Wings Folded)7 ft. 1 in.
Tail Dragger6ft. 11 in
Cabin Dimensions 
Width (At Hips)44 in
Width (At Shoulders)46 in
Door Width37 in
Door Height31.5 in
Baggage Space / Rear Passenger Area37 cu. ft.
Rear Door Width26 in
Rear Door Height31 in
Maximum Gross Weight2,500 lbs
Empty Weight (Typical)1,500 lbs
Useful Load (Typical)1,000 lbs
Full-Fuel Payload (Standard Tanks)700 lbs
Maximum Baggage Capacity300 lbs
Fuel Capacity (Usable) 
Standard Tanks50 gal